How to Find the Perfect Shoe at a Great Price

When a guy wears a great pair of shoes, he’s sure to look his best and attract others’ eyes when he’s out and about. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to first find a good pair of shoes and then keep them in great shape. As a guy, you’re probably pretty tough on your shoes or boots and this prevents them from looking their best only months after you’ve purchased them.

Why Do Shoes Matter?

Shoes are an important component of your wardrobe and overall look. In many cases and for a lot of men, the shoes they wear also help them to function in everyday life or while they’re on the job. If you have a ratty pair of shoes, you could be wearing the newest designer clothes and you won’t look polished. For working men, a bad pair of shoes means sore feet and long, uncomfortable days. When you have a quality pair of shoes from, you’ll look fantastic and have functioning apparel that works day and night.

Designer or No-Name Brands?

Whether you’re buying a flat dress shoe or a work boot, you might be wondering if it’s better to go with a no-name brand that’s cheaper or a name brand. In most cases, designer name brand shoes are made using higher quality materials, thus making them last longer. Sure, you can skimp by purchasing a cheaper shoe, but you shouldn’t be horribly surprised when those same shoes fall apart only months of wearing them. While designer shoes are quite costly, they are often well worth the price of admission because they’ll last you for years and won’t need to be replaced.

How to Choose the Style

You need to choose the right shoe or boot according to your style and needs. For example, if you’re a tough, rugged working man who needs a great pair of boots, you should look for a shoe that has a steel toe, is waterproof and shock resistant. If you just want a shoe that’s perfect for a night out on the town, look for a shiny dress shoe that can be worn both while you’re on a date with someone and while you’re at the office. Generally speaking, try to buy a pair of shoes that you’ll get a lot of wear out of and that can go from work to play.

Cutting Down on the Price

Let’s face it, shoes can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re buying a name brand designer product. You can save money on your shoes by purchasing them from an outlet store that sells genuine products or by utilizing sales that you’ll find most stores have throughout the year. If you choose to purchase the shoes online, you can use promotional codes during the checkout process to take additional percentages off. Another way to save money on your shoes, believe it or not, is spending a little more to buy a better quality brand. If you go cheap, you’ll be spending more money on shoe or boot replacements than if you had just bit the bullet and bought the expensive shoes you were eyeing at the store.

Maintaining Your Shoes

Maintain your shoes properly and they’ll give you years of excellent style and function. If your shoes are looking cruddy, read the care label and see if you can either wash them or hose them down. If you’re wearing leather, make sure to use a polish to spruce up their shine from time to time. Maintaining your shoes and boots will prevent them from wearing down and needing to be replaced.