Lighting Your Space with Design and Function in Mind

One lighting piece can change the whole atmosphere of a space. Whether you choose a table, wall or floor lamp, there are styles and designs that stand above the rest and meet the lighting and design needs of anyone looking to brighten a particular area. Lighting is no longer simply functional as it has made its way into the world of design to please almost every level and taste. 

Designer lighting has categories, like any other furnishings or accessory items, which includes: 

Table Lamps

Table lamps are considered localized or task lighting that give off the right amount of light to a space. The light is directed towards a surface and highlights a specific area. Task lighting facilitates computer work, homework, hobbies, reading, writing, crafting, cooking, grooming, gaming, and other activities. Task lighting should be free of glare, shadows and have the right amount of brightness to prevent eye strain. 

Table lamps are versatile and can be situated in almost any area of a home. Well-made and luxurious table lamps can enhance almost any setting, such as this lamp that is reminiscent of the sea. 

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps can be grouped with ambient, accent and task lighting. It all depends on where wall lamps are positioned in a room as to the kind of light they emit. Ambient, or general lighting, provides an overall illumination of an area. The lighting radiates a comfortable brightness level, minus any glare, and is adequate light for maneuvering and walking around in a safe manner. 

If you can imagine a unique design is a wall lamp, picture a musically inspired brass, gold plated wall piece that resembles organ pipes configured at varying vertical levels. It’s not only a fixture, but a work-of-art.

Floor Lamps 

A floor lamp is designed for both ambient and task lighting. They are a convenient source of light as they can be moved from one area to another to provide overall or ambient lighting, and they can be placed directly next to chair, couch or table where they supply task lighting. Floor lamps can be just as decorative and elegant as any other kind of lighting. Just changing the shade of a floor lamp can transform it from one of everyday use to an elegant focal point in a room.

Classic elegance can be found in a floor lamp that is beautifully formed from ebony wood and coated with a glossy finish. Gold plated and hand engraved brass highlight the top and bottom part of the lamp stand and a luxurious shantung shade completes the presentation. Your text to link…

Accent Lighting

Combined with task and ambient lighting, accent lighting is a light source that draws attention to particular items, such as paintings, sculptures, plants, and architectural elements. Accent lighting is positioned to draw the eye to a showcased area. The light can be provided through track lighting or an individual wall mounted light that highlights a picture or other decorative object.

With function, design and elegance in mind, a good lighting plan that incorporates task, ambient and accent lighting can be achieved. Combinations of table, wall and floor lamps and other kinds of lighting can complete the overall look and feel of a home. Lamps, no matter the style, serve as enhancements that are both functional and decorative. Specifically designed lamps can bring charm and beauty to one spot or several areas of your home, and there are unique lamps available for every purpose and use.