A perfect Color Match for All Mediums with Pantone Color Guide

Choosing a color in the professional sectors like graphic designing, printing, interior designing and textile is a very daunting job and it may take a hell of a time if the color code mismatches. This creates chaos and develops frustration. The Pantone Color Guide is a great way to find the right color saving a huge amount of time. The PMS or spot colors are made of a special type of high-quality ink that endures and helps you achieve accuracy while choosing a specific color for the complete product range.

The consistency in the color code maintains a brand’s impression on its customer base. If a company takes the color code lightly and a significant contrast in the color of a specific product range is noticeable then the brand value of the company automatically goes down. The Pantone Color Guide is often chosen by the big and small companies to achieve uniformity in the color during the marketing or branding of a product or service. It is very important for a designer who deals with the design and color to have a comprehensive understanding of the color theories or color systems. This provides amazing and uniform results every time.

Different industries trust and use Pantone colors to get the accuracy and consistency. The best thing about the unique Pantone colors present in the paper strips of the color guide is that they have a color code displaying a unique number. This unique code helps the designers, printers or manufacturers to identify the exact color in spite of having various machines and setups for printing.The Pantone Color Guide delivers the same color for the web products as it does for the printing sector. There are very fewer chances of color mismatch, especially for the official logo or products.

Colors are associated with the human emotions. Be it any industry; textile, graphic or interior design – a specific color triggers a specific emotion in the viewer or customer and even a slight difference in the color can ruin everything, especially if it is about a company’s branding or marketing. It’s an achievement for a brand to jazz up a customer’s mood with its product’s or website’s color. This can reinforce the company’s relationship with the customers.

The Pantone Color Guide has thousands of unique spot colors printed on the strips. You will never run out of option using the guide. As an add-on, you get more than 200 new colors trending in the market. Using the Pantone Color Guide, you can redefine your creations and attain the uniformity every single time. The Pantone guide is easily available in the market and it is quite economic.