Why a Tailored Shirt will Change Your Life

Tailored shirt makes a big difference to the way you look and how you are perceived by those around you. Most men often wear a shirt too big which dwarfs their height and makes them appear inflexible and uncomfortable-looking. In a professional setting, we want to make sure we are seen as mindful and business-ready. This starts by simply picking the right piece that works from your wardrobe every morning.


This is usually something men don’t know they are sacrificing every time they go shopping for clothes. Most off-the-rack clothes are designed to fit as many body types as possible which mean it’s going to always be slightly too big or slightly too small. Fit is so important when you have smaller frame so with the right proportion, you can easily look 2-3 inches taller. Having a tailored shirt will naturally show your waistline and make you appear slimmer. You need a knowledgeable expert or a tailor to make sure to accentuate those flattering lines of yours and hide the bad ones.

Comfort and Agility

This is a pretty straight-forward one. When you’re wearing a shirt that is designed to fit you and specifically your body type, the best thing is that it makes you feel and look comfortable. You can go the whole day not feeling heavy or shapeless. This also helps moving around during the day much easier and more effortless.

Comfort matters, from the size of your shirt’s armhole to the space between your neck and the collar. We’re not all perfectly symmetrical and there’s always a slight difference in measurements throughout the body. One arm might be longer than the other, or your left shoulder higher than the right. Our posture and body composition has evolved to work with our daily movements so the measurements of our body will reflect that.

Professionalism and Confidence

Great tailoring will not only make your clothes look better, but you will also feel better.

There’s no denial that appearances matter and poorly fitted clothing will make you look ridiculous and unprofessional.

With great tailored shirt comes with great credibility. You will appear polished and experienced. When you fit what you wear, it radiates respect to the people surrounding you and the place you are in. Your attentive personality will sure to result in positive reputation and shines a natural ray of confidence. This will help you get that confidence you need to ace whatever meeting you have and face any day filled with new possibilities and challenges.

Personalization Is All About You

We have established a common understanding that each person is different in size and with tailoring, each receives a personalized service that is sure to meet their exact needs and requirements. When having your shirt tailored, you can afford to be more selective to the details. Apart from the right measurements, personalization can range from choosing your own fabric color, the design of the button to the material used.

Never overlook the importance of being picky and demanding when choosing what to wear. Your appearance is the first thing people will see and it sends a message long before you say anything. You want to establish a strong and compelling sense of presence in every room you enter. Spending a little extra to get exactly what you want is always worth it.

A high quality tailored shirt will last you for years and years to come. Not only will it suit your taste, your shape and your lifestyle, but the quality is guaranteed to stay in good condition well into the next decade. So what are you waiting for when you know that a good tailored shirt is a definite must in your shopping list. Go find yourself a tailor made shirt in Bangkok now to start rebuilding a new, more professional wardrobe.