5 Rich Hues for Bridesmaid Dresses to Make a Vineyard Wedding Spectacular

What comes to your mind when you first think about vineyard? For me, it is the place of utmost beauty and luxury that comes wrapped in a beautiful blanket of nature. I know it sounds typically romantic, but I am sure you too love vineyard. That is why you are probably planning your wedding in a vineyard. The acres of green maintained plants, the vintage looking building, the aroma of wine and most importantly, the nature is inviting you in the bosom in the most lustrous way; this is what vineyard is all about. And when you are thinking of vineyard wedding, it is natural that you have to think of a rich colour palate.

So, when you are thinking of perfecting your vineyard wedding with some glamorous bridesmaid dresses, here are a few suggestions for you regarding the hues that you need to choose. Take a look at the following points to know more about the colours for the stunning dresses for your dear girl gang.

Wine Red

When I think of wine, I visualise a goblet with sparkling and lustrous red wine inviting me. So, it is natural that the vineyard wedding will make me associate with the colour too. Wine red colour is rich and sophisticated. This colour is bold enough, but much subdued to bring out your feminine charm. It can also give a striking contrast with your white wedding dress.


When we are talking about rich elegant hues, how can we forget about purple bridesmaid dresses? It is stunning and extremely pleasing to the eyes. If teamed up with the materials like lace or flowing chiffon, the hue will look like a million bucks because of the effect of the texture. Imagine the whole scene once, rich greenery around you; you are looking stellar in a white gown and your groom in a sharp suit, and your girlfriends around you in dark purple with flowers in their hand, won’t it be a picture perfect wedding?


How about blending completely with nature itself? Choose rich green for that purpose. Yes, unadulterated green can look really stunning in a vineyard wedding. When you are thinking of getting some amazing colours for the bridesmaid dresses, green can really add to the earthy charm.


Grey is the right manifestation of richness and sophistication. The royal subdued charm of grey can make your stunning bridesmaid stand out from the crowd. Team this coloured dresses with beautiful accessories and jewelleries. Believe me or not, grey will do a wondrous job to make your girls look like visions for sore eyes.


There is no other versatile colour like blue. So, when you are thinking of going close to the nature, as well as wondering, how you can be perfectly blending with the rich charm of the vineyard, choose darker shades of blue. It will not only suit all type of complexion, but will also add a calm feminine charm to the dress.

So, now as you know about the hues that you must try for vineyard wedding, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and I am sure your best girls will love you for your choices.

Author bio – Rachel Greene is a famous fashion blogger and designer. She has specialized in designing wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Read her blogs to know about purple bridesmaid dresses.