How to Dress Your Car for A Wedding

Is your wedding day going to be absolutely perfect? Of course, the answer is always yes. That means you’ve got an enormous amount of planning to do to get the day just right. You’ll spend hours poring over wedding magazines, tasting cake and deciding on flowers… have you budgeted for your wedding car too?

There’s a lot to budget for in a wedding, so if you want to cut the costs a little where possible, try dressing your own car for your wedding!

Picking A Car

First thing is first, you need to pick a car. Maybe you have quite a nice car that you can dress up, or you could borrow a car from a friend or relative.

You’re looking for a nice appearance but you also need to consider how reliable the car is! The last thing you want is to break down before the wedding. Get a mechanic to look over the car to check that it’s all in working order. If any parts need replacing, get this done well in advance. There are plenty of used car parts available at Autoparts24, Europe’s biggest market for second hand car parts.

How to Change The Colour

If you change the colour of the car permanently, you’ll need to change the registration details too… this can take some time and effort. If you’re borrowing the car from a friend or relative this won’t even be an option anyway.

A much simpler way of changing the colour of your car for the wedding is to have it wrapped. By using flexible vinyl covers, you can add a ‘skin’ to your car without permanently changing the paint underneath! This also allows for you to have patterns and designs rather than just a block colour.

If you want a traditional colour, go for white. But why not try a light shimmer of glitter over the top? Diamante studs on the bonnet? Or how about an slight fade with silver and gold highlights? Personalise that car so it looks like the wedding car you’ve always imagined!

Adding Décor

Now the car is painted (or wrapped) in the colour you want, it’s time to add some décor. Traditional wedding car décor includes a big ribbon bow tied over the bonnet, doors and back window. It also includes tying cans to the back of your car to make noise as you drive away into the sunset.

Making those cans and attaching them yourself is easy! Start by collection soup tins, fruit tins and all others that you would normally throw away. Remove the labels and clean them, then wrap patterned paper or wrapping paper around the can where the label would be. Carefully put holes into the top of the cans (use a hammer and nail) watching your fingers, then use some very strong nylon cord to attach to the back of the car.

You now have your wedding car ready and waiting!